This service is censored in your state or territory, due to regulations which mandate the extraction of your personal, private, information. This jeopardizes your safety, so we refuse to do it.

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Why is this website blocked?

We are committed to consumer protection.

Unfortunately, such protection is outlawed in your state or territory. Your politicians have decided that it is more important to spy on you than protect you.

We believe it is reckless and ethically impermissible to extract personal, private information from our users, if such information is not necessary for the service used. Companies which capture this information expose their customers by needlessly storing sensitive data in a central repository, which inevitably becomes a target for hackers and other malicious actors.

Even multinational companies and trillion-dollar governments have been unable to build a track record of data security.

Consider that in America alone, identity theft resulting from these treasure troves of personal data caused over $24 billion in losses to consumers and businesses in 2012, compared with only $14 billion for all burglary, vehicle, and property theft combined. Source

In other words, identity theft is the biggest and most costly form of theft in our society.

Fortunately, Bitcoin and blockchain technology have enabled a new standard of financial privacy and consumer protection that all good people deserve.

After all, the best way to protect consumers - if that is truly the goal - is not to collect and store their sensitive data in the first place.

Unfortunately, in spite of the technological achievements that now provide unprecedented consumer protection, some jurisdictions have imposed regulation that outlaws that protection. They demand that the spying and data collection continue.

Therefore, as we must comply with law, and as we refuse to endanger or cause harm to our customers, our services are censored from these jurisdictions:

  • State of New York
  • State of Washington
  • North Korea

Companies that have left specific territories due to damaging regulations:

What You Can Do

For jurisdictions which have elected representatives, we've provided contact information below. Please let them know about the importance of the consumer protection afforded by blockchain technology, and the costs and risks forced upon consumers in jurisdictions which continue to censor it.


Contact info for
all New York State Representatives


Governor of New York State:

Andrew M. Cuomo



Contact info for
all Washington State Representatives


Governor of Washington State:

Jay Inslee



Media Contact Information

Wall Street Journal

Gerard Baker, Editor in Chief: wsj.ltrs@wsj.com
Op-Ed Submission: edit.features@wsj.com

New York Times

Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor: public@nytimes.com
Op-Ed Submission: opinion@nytimes.com